Reacted Carbon Technology

Reacted Carbon Technology™ (RCT) is a platform that encompasses a wide range of complex carbon mixtures that have been precisely designed for specific performance and agronomic benefits. Derived from leonardite, our organic matter is a complex mixture of molecules ranging in size, composition, and chemical functionality. Every product in the RCT line has a different extraction and reaction process and was developed for certain elements, nutrients, or effects on the soil.

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Structure (9.1-11.9-00 +.26% Zinc + 7.8% Reacted Carbon Technology) is a superior liquid phosphate formulation for progressive farmers interested in more mobile and more plant available phosphorous in their cropping system.

Black Ultra

Black Ultra is very different to any other humic, humate or humic substance material in the market. An advanced manufacturing process is used to fully react materials using a specific patent regulated by heat, pressure, time and pH in a highly controlled environment. This creates a very soluble,…

Products should be used in accordance with the product label and directions for use.
For best results, consult with your agronomist on suitability of the product, taking into account your particular circumstances.