Foliar Sprays & Fertiliser Products

Our range of foliar spray liquid fertilisers deliver efficient, high quality nutrition to the plant for rapid absorption and utilisation to help prevent nutrient shortages or to correct in-crop nutrient deficiencies. The foliar feeding product range also includes specially designed Plant Growth Regulators that drive maximum root growth and plant vigour.

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Zincboost is a unique foliar zinc fertiliser with the additional benefit of glyphosate compatibility. A stable formulation that is highly compatible, Zincboost can provide significant amounts of zinc at critical growth stages with the flexibility of adding it to post emergent glyphosate…

Cace Clear

Cace Clear is a liquid calcium (Ca) acetate with boron (B) formulation in a highly available form which offers excellent crop safety. Cace Clear has been specifically designed for applications during the season to correct or prevent calcium deficiencies in horticultural crops.

LoKomotive Boron

LoKomotive Boron is a liquid potassium acetate formulation with the inclusion of boron. The acetate formulation is absorbed significantly faster than other potassium sources providing efficiency advantages and benefits. Boron (B) is often needed at the same crop stage as potassium and is involved…

EzyFlow Nano Range

The EzyFlow Nano range of liquid fertilisers uses nanotechnology in the formulation process to produce a quality liquid suspension containing particles that average one micron or less for superior plant and soil availability.


Radiate® can be used on most crops to accelerate nodal root growth for improved anchorage of young plants, while increasing their ability to access nutrient and moisture. Radiate is a patented formulation of indole-3-butyric acid (IBA) & other nutritional ingredients, in optimised ratios, designed…


Awaken® is formulated with zinc ammonium acetate, potassium and an extensive micro nutrient package designed to deliver essential nutrients to your crop. With fast uptake and utilisation, Awaken can aid in correcting or preventing nutritional deficiencies in a wide range of cropping situations.  

Maximum N-Pact

Maximum N-Pact is a low use rate, stable source of foliar nitrogen suitable for application to a broad range of crops. Maximum N-Pact is a resin based formulation which has a low salt index, reduced volatility and excellent crop safety for increased plant uptake, translocation and assimilation of…


LoKomotive is a liquid potassium acetate formulation which has significant advantages and benefits over other foliar applied potassium sources. LoKomotive has excellent crop safety and has been specifically designed for applications during the season to correct or prevent potassium deficiencies in…

Nutrisync D

NutriSync® D is a unique liquid formulation specifically for dicot crops proven to enhance physiological activity and translocation of nutrients within the plant. NutriSync® D helps move nutrients from roots and older leaves where they can often be immobile, to new growth areas like developing…

Nutrisync M

NutriSync M is a unique foliar technology designed for use on monocot crops, to enhance plant physiological activities.  NutriSync M is a transport synergist proven to remobilise nutrients tied up in older leaves and roots, moving them to growing points of the plant. 

Products should be used in accordance with the product label and directions for use.
For best results, consult with your agronomist on suitability of the product, taking into account your particular circumstances.