Structure has been specifically developed to provide more mobile, and significantly more available phosphate in the soil. Structure is also one of the few concentrated formulations that can effectively supply higher amounts of plant-available phosphorous to the root zone. The buffering effect provided by the Reacted Carbon Technology, means this unique formulation is non-phytotoxic and will not cause root damage to tender seedlings or young plants, unlike many commodity fertilisers. Replicated trials over many years have consistently shown that Structure creates a positive growth response in plants, resulting in increased yields with less phosphate being applied.


  • Analysis: 9.1-11.9-00 + .26% Zinc
  • 7% Reacted Carbon Technology
  • Low salt index
  • Buffers the salt effect from other fertilisers when applied in combination



  • Phosphorous from applied Structure is highly resistant to tie up in soil.

  • Calcium & Magnesium in high pH soils

  • Iron & Aluminium in low pH soils

  • Increases mobility of Phosphorus in soil

  • Increases Phosphorous uptake in root zone



Application rate: See product label
Specific Gravity: ~ 1.307
pH: 6.3
Colour: Black
Compatibility: Caution: Not compatible with calcium liquid fertilisers. Seek professional advice prior to tank mixing with other nutritionals or pesticides.
Tank Mixing: Follow guidelines for tank mixing order. Ensure adequate agitation into a solution prior to use.
Storage: Keep sealed in original container. Store in frost-free, dry conditions out of direct sunlight, above 5°C and below 30°C
Contains (w/v)%: Nitrogen (N) 9.1%, Phosphorous 11.9%, Zinc 0.26% + 7.8% Reacted Carbon Technology






  • Crop Suitability
    refer to the label
  • Product Timing
    refer to the label
  • Pack Sizes
    20L and 1000L

Products should be used in accordance with the product label and directions for use.
For best results, consult with your agronomist on suitability of the product, taking into account your particular circumstances.