EzyFlow Nano Calbud

A liquid suspension containing calcium plus multiple trace elements, developed for foliar, fertigation and liquid injection. Assists in early plant development and corrects or prevents nutritional deficiencies in a wide range of crops.

Product Features 

  • Formulated with micronised particles
  • Highly concentrated calcium solution containing trace elements
  • Formulated with suspension agents



  • Calcium aids the growing pollen tube, improves flowering, fruit and seed set
  • Addition of boron to aid in calcium uptake and utilisation 
  • Added magnesium and zinc to assist chlorophyll production
  • Free-flowing liquid formulation with minimal amounts of residue left in the drum
  • Formulated for use as a foliar, fertigation and in-furrow application
  • In the spray tank it disperses quickly and stays in suspension under agitation
  • Low use rates compared to lower analysis formulations



Application Rates & Timing: See Product Label.

Specific Gravity: ~1.50

pH: 8.0-9.5

Colour: Cream

Compatibility: Caution: Not compatible with Ammonium Sulphate. Seek professional advice prior to tank mixing with other nutritionals or pesticides.  

Tank Mixing: Follow guidelines for tank mixing order. Ensure adequate agitation into a solution prior to use.

Storage: Keep sealed in original container. Store in frost-free, dry conditions out of direct sunlight, above 5°C and below 30°C

Contains (w/v)%: Calcium (CaCO3) 20%, Zinc (ZnO) 4.5%, Nitrogen (N) 4.5%, Magnesium (MgCO3) 4.5%, Boron (B) 0.14%.


Products should be used in accordance with the product label and directions for use.
For best results, consult with your agronomist on suitability of the product, taking into account your particular circumstances.